5 Ways to Tame Your Anxiety

Feel overwhelmed? These 5 steps will help you tame your anxiety.

1. Recognize that anxiety is a human emotion

Recognize how it feels in your body. Can you feel muscle tension, butterflies in your stomach, or your jaw clenching? Once you become aware of these physical sensations, practice relaxing those areas of your body. 

2. Anxiety is your body's reaction to perceived danger

Anxiety is a manifestation of fear as your body prepares to protect itself by fighting, fleeing or freezing. If you are worrying about something, try to ascertain if there truly is a danger lurking. If there is true danger, prioritize keeping yourself safe. If not, prioritize practicing self-soothing techniques such as deep breathing. 

3. What triggers your anxiety?

Sometimes, anxiety is triggered by events, people and situations that remind you of a past traumatic event. Learn to practice awareness that the current situation is not the same as the past traumatic situation. Practice reminding yourself that you are safe now.  

4. Avoid catastrophic thinking

Anxiety sometimes manifests as catastrophic thinking patterns. Recognize that just because your brain thinks something bad is going to happen, it does not automatically mean that this it is true. Learn to recognize the reality of the current situation. 

5. Seek help for your anxiety

5. Seek professional help from a licensed therapist if your anxiety is overwhelming. A therapist can teach you ways to tame your anxiety so that you can find more peace and joy in your life. 

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Written by: Hazel Navarro, LICSW