How to Stop the Anxiety Spiral

5 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety Every morning, begin with awareness of one thing that brings you joy. Intentionally create moments of pleasurable experiences. Try to do at least one thing that brings you joy each day. When doing that pleasurable thing, intentionally savor every moment of it. Bring full awareness to this experience. What does […]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundary: the line (or limit) that exists between you and another person A boundary is the space between your needs/wants and their needs/wants. Learning to set healthy boundaries for your body, mind, time and relationships will help you reduce your anxiety and improve your health. 3 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries Physical Boundaries Honor your […]

5 Ways to Tame Your Anxiety

Feel overwhelmed? These 5 steps will help you tame your anxiety. 1. Recognize that anxiety is a human emotion Recognize how it feels in your body. Can you feel muscle tension, butterflies in your stomach, or your jaw clenching? Once you become aware of these physical sensations, practice relaxing those areas of your body.  2. […]

How Anxiety Keeps You Stuck

Don’t Let Anxiety Stand in the Way of Change Has this ever happened to you?  You feel inspired to change your life and decide to take the first steps. You Google “How to change my life” and get loads of free tips from various experts. All of them talk about how smart people need SMART […]

How to Cope with Traumatic News Stories

Traumatic news stories are hard to escape – but they don’t have to overwhelm you 1. Remind yourself that it is normal to feel stress when witnessing the suffering of others. 2. Take a break from the news feed.  Turn off the television or stop scrolling.  Ground yourself by focusing your attention on your own […]

5 Signs of Anxiety and Burnout

…And What to Do About Them Signs of Burnout 1. You feel physically and emotionally drained. 2. You find yourself isolating because it’s hard pretending that you are fine around others. 3. You have begun to lose interest in things that used to bring you joy. 4. You feel “on edge” a lot of the […]