Mental Health Awareness: Therapy for Leaders and Healers

I am a therapist who serves leaders, healers and caregivers. They are intelligent, kind and amazing. Like superheroes, they are the ones in leadership roles, providing encouragement, standing in, and standing up for others.  

Unfortunately, their responsibilities and obligations know no bounds. In fact, they have forgotten what it is like to consider, never mind prioritize, their own wants and needs.  

When stress moves in, they tend to ignore it. Left unchecked, stress turns into anxiety, depression and other illnesses. The reasons they seek therapy is often because they have begun to feel depleted or because their loved ones have noticed that something seems amiss.

In therapy sessions, I teach leaders mind/body techniques and relationship wellness skills that they can apply to their work/home settings so that they can have more peace and joy in their lives. 

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Written by: Hazel Navarro, LICSW