One on One Counseling

Individual Counseling in Boston for Leaders and Executives

It’s lonely at the top. On the surface, you might appear cool and collected. Deep down, you know the painful truth. Your mind and body are incapable of relaxing due to your high levels of work and relationship stress.

On top of this, your confidence is faltering as you imagine all the horrible things that can go wrong. How can you relax when you fear that everything you’ve worked so hard to build may come crashing down?


Individual Counseling in Boston for Leaders and Executives

There is good news! Through individual counseling in our Boston area practice, you will learn the mind/body and communication skills to manage your stress to become a more effective leader. 

You will learn mind/body techniques and relationship skills to apply to your workplace and your personal life. By using these skills, clients have expressed finding more peace and joy, an improvement in their confidence, greater success in their leadership roles, and a reduction in their anxiety.  

You will learn to prioritize your own wellness – because Stress Management is a Leadership Skill!

Fee: $200 per 50-minute session.  Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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