Team Counseling

Team Counseling in Boston for Workplace Stress, Communication

Is your workplace team struggling with communication problems? Do you dread that one wrong word will lead to hurt feelings, low morale, and resignations?  Are you exhausted from juggling the conflicting expectations and challenging personalities of your staff, board members, or clients?  Are you afraid of speaking your mind for fear of being cancelled? 

We can help! Through team counseling in our Boston area practice, we will examine your communication patterns and relationship dynamics from a place of respect. You and your team members can learn crucial communication skills for promoting healthier relationships.

Team Counseling in Boston

We will start with your team’s strengths and address the sticking points. Together, you can learn to talk, listen, and behave in ways that align with your group’s mission statement. Working together, you will learn how to: 

How do you conduct team counseling sessions?

Sessions are offered online or in person. Online sessions are held via a secure video platform.  If you prefer that the clinician hold team sessions at your place of business, this can be arranged at an extra cost.  

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